Born in Rouen in 1961, I draw and paint from a very young age.
After a period devoted to music as a DJ and host Radio and then to my professional life in metallurgy, I decided to resume classes with Pascal Girard, watercolour painter and engraver at the Grand-Couronne club in 2006.

After a few years of contact with the different techniques, I decided to focus on oil and focus my work on hyper-realism, color and all the materials from metallurgy. The automotive industry is in good shape after 34 years of activity in this field.

I am very inspired by the paintings of Authouart and diverts some of them to make graphic stories. Some of my loved ones have the opportunity to enjoy it with personalized works.

Retired since 2022, I now host a painting course every Thursday afternoon at BERVILLE SUR SEINE with the Dynamic Club 88

Portraits and figures
Rusted cars
Other subjects
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